Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rough trade covers album post

I bought the first Mazzy Star album three times, tape twice and then a CD. It was the soundtrack to my brief spell in Cork, Ireland in 1992, one of about three tapes I had with me. One of the others was On Fire by Galaxie 500. Anyway on to 2003 and to celebrate their 25th Rough Trade release a nice and cheap compilation that I buy and then promptly forget ever owning. A brief beachwood sparks revival this morning led me on to the mystic chords of memory and then onto the tyde, where I get the urge to seek their cover of tell me by galaxie 500. One reminiscence of Cork later and I'm posting the delay's ride it on too.

Listen: the tyde - tell me
Listen: delays - ride it on

Reading that back makes it painfully obvious why I never went for that job in music journalism - just listen to the songs and make your own minds up.

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