Thursday, August 31, 2006

mojave 3 - big star baby demo

Really, really been enjoying the newer, lighter, pop-feeling Mojave 3 album Puzzles like you. It had some patchy reviews, but whilst I miss the almost crystalline production values and down tempo songs of previous albums, Puzzles like you reveals itself with repeated listens to contain more than the Byrds/West coast and Big Star homages a casual listener would pick up on and dismiss as a backwards step. If you want to relive the nineties slowdive sound (and I admit that I do sometimes) check out skiddy watson's like a daydream compilation, about which I'm thinking of posting about, but cannot seem to find the angle without coming off as a complete knob. No change there then.

The big star baby demo was posted online prior to the album.

Listen: Mojave 3 - Big Star Baby (demo)

and for some extra fun:
Listen: Big Star - Thirteen
Listen: Big Star - When My Baby's Beside Me

mojave 3 online
Buy: Puzzles like you

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